10 Reasons Why The 90’s Was The Best

(Image Courtesy of: hercampus.com)

By: Zach Fulwood

10. Disney Movies

Some of my favorite moments of the 90’s were the amount of Disney movies that came out. The Disney remakes of Peter Pan, The Jungle Book, and Beauty and the Beast were great to sit and watch in color. The two best movies however were Toy Story and Lion King. I mean how could you not fall in love with Woody and not shed tears when Mufasa died?!

9. Clothing Styles

Overalls! Phat Farm! FUBU! Bright colors! Baggy jeans! One pant legged rolled up! Need I say more?

8. Commercials

I don’t know about y’all but commercials these days suck but back in the 90’s, they were awesome! Who didn’t love watching the Walmart commercials with the smiley face bouncing from isle to isle? My personal favorites were the Cookie Crisp commercials and the GO-GURT commercials. Do they even sell these anymore?

7. Nintendo 64

Before the wonderful world of 3-D gaming and the introduction to the PS4 lifestyle, there was a simple game system called the Nintendo 64. Some of the greatest games to ever grace my television was Golden Eye 007, Super Mario 64 and Super Smash Bros, which was played at every one of my sleepovers. Ahhh good times.

6. Cartoons

There’s no debate when it comes to the cartoons that came on in the 90’s. They were the best without question. You had shows like Dexter’s Laboratory, The Power Puff Girls, Rugrats, Hey Arnold, and the best cartoon ever made, Dragon Ball Z.

5. Music

2Pac? Biggie? TLC? Britney Spears? Destiny’s Child? Let’s move on…

4. The Michael’s

Who’s the greatest basketball player of all-time? Michael Jordan. Who’s the best boxer in the 90’s? Mike Tyson. Who’s the greatest entertainer of all-time? Michael Jackson. The Michael’s dominated the 90’s.

3. Black Television

If there was ever a time where Black people seemed to own the television screen, it had to be in the 90’s. With shows like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Martin, Sister Sister, Family Matters, Keenan and Kel, and Moesha, the 90’s was lit!

2. Cory & Topanga

Was there a better on-screen relationship than Cory and Topanga on Boy Meets World? They went from went from being friends in elementary school, odd and awkward in middle school, to love birds in high school and college. They did it right and boy did they make their relationship fun to watch.

1. Power Rangers

This is really just a personal favorite for me. My childhood wouldn’t be complete without the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. At four years old, I wanted nothing more than to replace Tommy as the White Ranger and my love for Kimberly (the pink ranger) knew no bounds.

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