First Date’s: #Awkward

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By: Zach Fulwood

For whatever reason, first date’s have always been seen as very awkward. Whether it’s because you were being set up on a blind date or you finally convinced that special someone to go out with you after numerous failed attempts, it’s still an awkward position to be in. You can even find yourself knowing somebody for years and having normal conversations on the regular but as soon as the two of you decide to make one of those frequent outings a date, all of a sudden, relevant conversation becomes hard to find.

So why are first date’s so awkward? Well one reason could simply be that you don’t know the person. Have you ever actually tried to start up a conversation with a total stranger outside of that annoying moment in class when your teacher tells you to turn around to the person behind you and exchange contact information with them? It’s weird and a bit uncomfortable because even though you might find that person attractive, you have no idea of what to expect. Their sense of humor might be dry. You might not have anything other than mutual attraction in common or they might reveal to you that they bought a “Make America Great Again” hat and then your left looking for the nearest exit sign. With new people, the first date possibilities are endless so it makes sense that there is a certain level of awkwardness that’s to be expected.

As far as first date’s with people you know and have a history with, the awkwardness comes from embarking on new territory. Believe it or not, conversations just don’t always flow the same in person as they do on the phone or through texts. At least through texts, you can read a message over and over and wait 30 minutes to figure out what you’re going to say back before you actually respond. In person however, those answers gotta come quick, fast and in a hurry. Otherwise you’ll look like a mute and that will be your last first date for a long long time. There’s also those out there who purposely make their first date’s awkward by going to the movies (because that’s a great place to have exhilarating conversations…).

At the end of the day, it’s probably best to know that your first date will most likely be a bit awkward at times. The key however, is to get the awkwardness out of the way during the first few minutes and make the rest of the date as enjoyable as possible. Who knows, if you do a good job, you might get a second date!

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