Just a Friend

(Image By: http://www.radar.ng)

By: Zach Fulwood

So the question that men and women have been asking for centuries is whether or not men and women can just be friends. Obviously a man and a woman can develop a friendship. If they couldn’t, procreation wouldn’t be a thing. The real pressing wonder is whether or not any sexual tension or persistent physical attraction can be found within that friendship regardless of whether or not each party is involved in a committed relationship. That’s more of a philosophical look at the relationship between men and women and I’m not a philosopher so I won’t attempt to be one. Instead, I look at this question from a single person’s perspective and ask myself one simple question. If I was in a room with one of my single female friends and it was just the two of us for 24-48 hours, would something go down?

I can’t say for certain that something would go down because I can’t speak for anybody but myself but as a guy in this situation, there’s only so long we could be in close quarters with one another before something at least crosses my mind. I’m not saying I would act on these thoughts but it’s a pretty safe bet my mind would wonder. Some of you could say that you would never in life look at your friend as anything more regardless of the situation but there’s no way I would believe you. Men are men and women are women and both have a biological mandate to be attracted to one another (LGBTQ community aside).

It’s the same reason why after a few drinks or after certain hours of the night, the person you wouldn’t look twice at is now looking like a contestant on the Bachelor or the Bachelorette. It’s also why you’re more likely to entertain a conversation from a stranger that you find attractive than you are a stranger who might be a bit on the “busted” side.

There’s no real problem with being somewhat attracted to your friend(s). It’s completely normal. I wouldn’t advise being secretly in love with your friend either. That’s just setting yourself up for a lifetime sentence in the friendzone and no one wants that. I think men and women can be friends but I also think you’d be fooling yourself if you didn’t think there was at least a little attraction that existed and a slight chance for something more to develop if the circumstances were just right.

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