The Arrival of Cuffing Season

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By: Zach Fulwood

Ladies and gentleman, we are here! After a long summer, we’ve finally made it to that time of the year again that we all either love so much or despise with a passion. Cuffing season is now officially upon us and it’s time to get busy (not necessarily sexually).

By now, I’m sure you’ve had an amazing summer. You’ve spent countless hours on the beach showing off your “beach bod”, hitting up every night club in sight, and mixed and mingled with each and every person you’ve found attractive without being accused of cheating because you were living the “single life”. Over the summer, you did everything in your power to avoid a relationship lasting more than 12 hours and as a result, your Tinder usage went way up. Instagram “thirst traps” were everywhere and if you’re being honest, a few of them had you showing up in some DM’s.

But now we’re entering the part of the year where the thought of an official relationship starts to sound appealing. It’s also the time of year when the weather gets colder and you’re spending more time in the house alone. Who’s really trying to stay in the house all alone during the coldest months of the year, watching endless Rom-Com movies and forcing yourself into Drake-induced emotions?

This is why cuffing season exists. It usually starts during the month of October and ends right around Valentines’ Day of the next year. If it lasts longer than Valentines’ Day, you totally misplayed the situation and ended up in a committed relationship because you caught the feels. Essentially, cuffing season is a 5 month contract that basically states that all relationship rules may apply. That means #MCM and #WCW social media posts are to be expected as well as random pictures being taken of the two of you throughout the day and subsequently being posted on social media in an effort to let the world know you have been cuffed.

Cuffing season is not a bad thing and if done right, it can benefit all parties involved. But let’s also be honest here. Cuffing season is just a fancy name that’s given to those who are looking for one person to play house with and possibly have casual sex with. Making life plans off of a cuffing season relationship probably isn’t the best of ideas for those of you looking for “the one”. But hey, who knows? At the very least, think of your cuffing season as a seasonal job. Do your job, get compensated for your services, and move on.

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