The Art of Selling Out

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By: Zach Fulwood

In the era of everybody being in everybody’s business, thanks in large part to social media, it’s hard for people to not feel obligated to voice their opinions. From Presidential elections to Hollywood’s sexual harassment epidemic, opinions are running rampant.

Most recently, there was a lot of discussion over H&M’s controversial ad that shows a young Black boy modeling a hoodie that says “coolest monkey in the jungle” on it. A number of Black people saw this as extremely racist or at the very least, racially insensitive and as a result, H&M took down the ad from their website. With many left wondering where the boy’s parents were when deciding to allow their son to participate in the ad, his mother Terry, said “I wouldn’t have made that connection to anything other than my son modelling a shirt,” and that racism was the furthest thing from her mind at the time.

This swift defense of her and her husbands’ decision to allow their son to model the racially insensitive hoodie could lead some people to truly believing that they never accounted for the possibility of people taking offense to a Black child wearing a shirt that said “monkey” on it. However, most people would look at this as them simply selling out for the sake of cashing in on a check. Especially, considering the fact that she is fully aware of the history of Black people being compared to monkey’s when she recalled being called a monkey in the past.

As a Black person, you can’t help but feel like this is just another instance where the price for their soul was just too good to pass up. With people like Stacey Dash, Ben Carson and Omarosa among others acting as the epitome of turning on one’s own culture for the sake of their own personal gain, adding one more name to the list shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.

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