Post Me so I Know it’s Real

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By: Zach Fulwood

Do you ever find yourself scrolling through your Twitter timeline and seeing a bunch of people retweeting pictures of cute couples with #RelationshipGoals underneath? I do and while I’m probably happy for those couples, I definitely could do without all the pictures but unfortunately, these days, your relationship isn’t real unless we all see it on social media. Or so they say.

I refuse to ever believe that your relationship status is somehow tied to how many pictures of it you post on Instagram. That sounds dumb and elementary as hell. Do you really think the people with hundreds of relationship photos plastered all over social media are happier and more in love than the people who you rarely ever see? Most of that is simply for attention and validation from other people who could really care less about your relationship.

If your someone who just loves posting your relationship on social media, it’s best that you know now that nobody cares. And before you clap back and say, “I don’t post for other people”, would you still be posting pictures if you didn’t have any followers? The whole reason you’re on social media is so people can see what you’re doing and complement you for it.

Now that we’ve established that the majority of people liking and commenting on your relationship photos don’t actually care about your relationship, let’s also talk about why you would feel the need to share life experiences with people who don’t care. The truth is, not only do these people not care about the happy moments in your relationship, they also can’t wait for something bad to happen and watch you cry and complain about it on the very same platform you happily boasted on.

People are petty in real life and even worse on social media. Why give people who aren’t in your relationship the opportunity to speak on your relationship?

This is in no way implying that couples shouldn’t hop on social media and share their wonderful relationship with the world because it’s your relationship and you can do whatever you want while you’re in it. However, you also have to understand that by posting your relationship on social media, you have now invited the world into your relationship. Maybe, just maybe, there’s something to keeping your private life private.

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