Sprung on You

(Image by © Robert Glenn/DK Stock/Corbis)

By: Zach Fulwood

Do you remember back in 2007 when T-Pain made it popular to confess to being sprung with a nice little tune called I’m Sprung? Those were the good ole days and unfortunately some of you are still trying to live in those days and it’s time to stop immediately.

Let’s be clear, there is nothing cool or fun about being sprung. Who actually wants to be borderline obsessed with somebody to the point you swear you can’t breathe when they’re not around? If this is you, take a deep breath and a couple steps back toward reality.

Being sprung is an obsessive trait. It’s that point in a relationship where all you do is think about the other person. It’s when you get butterflies in your stomach every time you see them and are willing to do any and everything for them if need be. It’s also that time when you obsess over not talking them for a whole day and constantly double text them to make sure they got your message. It’s that time in a relationship where you find yourself staking outside their apartment all night waiting for them to get home and making sure they’re by themselves like they told you. You see where I’m going with this?

Think of being sprung as less of a good thing and more of a cry for help. The traits most people exhibit when they are sprung are more alarming than they are flattering.

Basically, some people will have you believing that being sprung is cute and that it’s just another sign that you’re deeply in love. These are people that you need to remove from your life immediately because they are lying to you with a straight face. You don’t need those types of people in your life and you definitely don’t need to be happily sprung off of anybody.

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