Valentine’s Day, Where the Haters Come to Play

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By: Zach Fulwood

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, Valentine’s Day has officially arrived! The unofficial “Bae-Day” is here. Love is in the air and lust is in your pants. It truly is a great day to celebrate the fact that you’ve found somebody to share this occasion with. However, it’s also a great day for lonely, single individuals to flood your mind along with your Twitter and Facebook timelines with 99 reasons why Valentine’s Day sucks.

We’ve all had that one (or more) single friend that refuses to make a big deal about Valentine’s Day because their either so caught up in the notion that it’s a fake holiday made up by society to force you to spend money on candy and jewelry or they believe that if someone really loves you, everyday should be Valentine’s Day. Yeah, these people suck to be around. These are probably the same people who hate Thanksgiving because they have nowhere to go and Boston Market keeps messing up their Thanksgiving day order.

You might believe that Valentine’s Day is just another day but there’s a whole world of couples who think otherwise. Not to mention, there’s going to come a time today where you’re home alone, doing your best BeyoncĂ© Me, Myself and I impression and your loneliness is going to sink in. You can be your own best friend all you want but that self love is only going to take you so far on this day.

Listen, I’m not here to bash anybody who will be spending this Valentine’s Day alone. In fact, live it up and be happy your wallet got to sit this one out. After all, there’s a number of reasons for why you may be single this year and nobody knows how to treat you right better than you do. But please, for the sake of all things Holy, keep your negativity to yourself. You have 364 days to hate. Do us all a favor and take today off.

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