Yes, Racism Exists

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By: Zach Fulwood

Racism doesn’t exist. Just writing those words sounds as crazy as you reading them but according to reality star, Kim Zolciak, racism was never “all that real.” Clearly, anybody with a functioning brain would agree that racism is very real. Now normally I wouldn’t quote a reality star who frequents a show that no one should actively watch unless they’re seeking to add a bit of ratchetness into their lives but Zolciak made it so hard not to.

It’s one thing to say that you’re not a racist or that you don’t see racism being an issue in your life but to jump out the window and claim that it wasn’t real to begin with is a whole other issue that can’t just be ignored.

The issue here isn’t whether or not Zolciak really believes what she said. The problem is that there’s a lot of other people who do believe what she said and truly don’t believe racism exists.

For those people who do believe that, I’m more than happy to burst your bubble on this one because, yes, racism DOES exist. It may not exist in the same way it did before with ‘White’s Only’ signs and Black people being hosed down in the street by police officers but it certainly still exists. Let’s be honest, police officers aren’t using Black people for target practice because they ran out of shooting targets. Hell, Starbucks did everything but put a ‘White’s Only’ sign on its window to let Black people know they weren’t allowed in there.

I know it probably makes some people feel better to act as though racism is a figment of our imagination although, I don’t understand why anybody would want to choose racism as an imaginary concept to run with. Who’s willingly starting a race ten yards behind if they don’t have to?

I get it. Racism is bad and most people would rather not have to deal with it but, it is and has always been real. Reality TV may not be real but, racism most certainly is.

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