Does Body Count Matter?

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By: Zach Fulwood

How many people have you slept with? It’s the awkward question that you tend to only ask when you’re contemplating getting serious with a person. It’s also the question that for better or for worse, can make or break a relationship.

When people ask this question, I often wonder if they really want to know the answer? If a guy asks a woman this question, he’s hoping she says none but will settle for no more than 3. Anything more would insinuate to them that she’s been ‘ran through’ one too many times for them to consider her ‘wifey’ material. If a woman asks a man this question, she’s expecting a number higher than 1 and hoping for one that’s less than 5. Anything more than 5 would set off red flags in her mind thinking that she would be nothing more than another notch on his sexual conquest belt.

Even though men are expected to go out and have a number of sexual encounters with multiple women, it never made sense that those same men wouldn’t think twice about seriously dating a woman that did the same. It takes two to tango and men aren’t out here having sex with themselves. This is clearly one of those double standards that makes absolutely no sense.

Here’s the thing, is the amount of people they slept with prior to you going to make that big of a difference? Is it going to make you feel any better if they only had one partner but had sex hundreds of times with them while using every position imaginable? Honestly speaking, what that person has done before you shouldn’t even concern you so long as their not bringing any incurable diseases into the relationship.

The fact is, men and women are out here having sex and their doing it with each other. Sure, you might come across a person who hasn’t had any prior experience but those individuals come far and few between. My advice to you would be to forget about asking this question. Instead of asking questions you really don’t want to know the answer to, go get tested with your partner and if everything comes back clean, have fun.



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