When The Person Is “Right”, So Will The Timing

(Image Courtesy of: qed.ng)

By: Zach Fulwood

You hear this idea being thrown around often times when it comes to relationships. Whenever a relationship ends up not working, a common excuse made is that although they were great together, the timing just wasn’t right. This is usually followed up with a suggestion of the relationship flourishing later on in life when everything around them is just right. This is a great excuse to use when you want to get out of a relationship you’re not sure you want to be in. It’s also incredibly lame and far from the whole truth.

When you or the person you’re dating tells you that everything between the two of you is perfect except the timing, you have to ask yourself what that actually means? Essentially what their saying is that in order for them to commit to a life with you, everything in their life has to be perfect and ideal. And here I was thinking that love was supposed to have its ups and downs. It’s basically a nice way of telling you that, you alone, is not enough to satisfy their needs. The timing isn’t the thing that’s not right between the two of you, it’s actually just you.

The reality about relationships is that you want what you want when you want it. When you choose to date a person, it’s because you feel that they have the potential to fulfill whatever it is you’re looking for. If/when that person turns out to not be able to fulfill enough of the needs you sought after, you quickly realize they’re not the ‘right one’ you hoped they’d be and as a result, you find a way to walk away. That ‘way out’ usually manifests itself in all the reasons why it’s not going to work out and one of the more convenient reasons is timing.

The funny thing about it is, if you really believed they were the right person, those reasons for why it wouldn’t work wouldn’t even exist and you’d spend your days thinking of all the reasons why it would work. This isn’t to say you wouldn’t have doubts or anything but, they’d be minor ones at best. Outside of a few extenuating circumstances where two individuals are on two completely different paths in life, the timing of the relationship wouldn’t be an issue because if you felt you had found the one for you, you would make the timing right.

Have you ever had someone tell you, you make time for the things you want? Well, the same applies to maintaining a relationship. Relationships are trial and error and most of them won’t work for various reasons. That said, ‘timing’ should never be a reason as to why it doesn’t work out. Timing doesn’t make the person right. The person makes the timing right.

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