Keep Your Hints To Yourself. Say What’s On Your Mind

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By: Zach Fulwood

I know this might come as a bit of a surprise but, men don’t take hints. We never have and we never will. It’s just not in our DNA and as a community, we ask that you stop giving them. Call it a character defect if you want but, we weren’t blessed with the ability to read minds. Though we might not be able to take hints, we shouldn’t have been asked to do so in the first place.

Nothing in this world is more annoying than having to guess what somebody is thinking when they are fully capable of telling you what’s on their mind. Imagine being out with a friend and they notice your breath smells like a combination of everything you’ve eaten all week and instead of just telling you your breath was a bit tart, they offer you a piece of gum. Because you’re such a nice person who also happens to not have a clue on how to take a hint, you turn the gum offer down and proceed to go about your day with the foulest of smells protruding out of your mouth. Sounds fun, right?

Situations like this could easily be avoided if people just used their words and told others how they really felt. Men are often accusing women of mistaking us for mind-readers. Somehow, we’re supposed to go into your conscience, figure out what’s wrong and then fix it without you saying a single word. This seems like a lot of work to do just so I can find out you’re mad because I ate the last slice of apple pie without offering any to you. Since when did asking what’s wrong become not good enough?

This isn’t to say that we can’t conjure up an idea of what you’re feeling by reading your emotions because, we certainly can. However, imagine if we found a way to simply combine those emotions with actual words as well. I mean, if we could do that, we might very well be on our way to fixing many of the communication issues that plague our society now.

Seriously though, I know you may think it’s cute to test how well your man knows you or you think your sparing feelings by dropping hints instead of coming out and saying what’s on your mind but, it’s not cute and you’re probably doing more harm than you are good. The next time you think it’s a good idea to drop a hint, do yourself a favor and don’t.

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