Managing the Male Ego

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By: Zach Fulwood

Contrary to popular belief, men are very sensitive. We’re not sensitive in that you’ll see us crying at the drop of a hat and you probably won’t see too many of us expressing our inner most thoughts and insecurities to anyone who will listen. We are however, victims of the sensitivity that come with our male ego.

In a lot of ways, you could compare our egos to that of a teenage girl. Much like a teenage girl who has to be consistently reassured that they’re attractive and that they’re worth something, men need that same reassurance. With the male ego being just as moody and insecure, we need that same special attention that a teenage girl would require if we’re going to function properly.

Though our hard and brash exterior may lead you to believe that we are completely in tune with who we are in this world, most of it is simply a facade for all of the insecurities we hold inside. Unfortunately, that facade usually works in reverse for us because it leads us to continue to keep things inside instead of expressing how we feel. Don’t be fooled by assuming we don’t know how to communicate our feelings though, because we absolutely do. We just refuse to do so because of the internal need to keep up the image of what a man should be.

We aren’t complicated but, we do need to be handled with ‘kid gloves’, per se. We have to be able to feel like we are somewhat in charge and constantly achieving because inherently, our self-esteem isn’t very high. The need to always be on top or at least fighting to get there will always be present and that often times presents a problem.

Unfortunately, like most things, we have society to blame for the problem that is the male ego. From birth, men are taught to not be women instead of being human. We’re supposed to be providers, protectors, physically desirable, good with our hands and whatever other character trait you can place on us that you wouldn’t place on a woman. We’re so afraid to exhibit any character traits that would resemble a woman because of the perception that it would make us less of a man when in reality, it makes us more human than the unrealistic standard that exists for being a man.

At the end of the day, the male ego is fragile. It can be built and destroyed within the same sentence. It’s not an impossible task to work with it. It just requires a little effort.

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